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What Is A Furnace Tune-Up & Is It Worth It?

Like any piece of critical equipment, residential furnaces will eventually experience wear and tear, mainly when they aren’t consistently serviced. Many homeowners don’t maintain their furnaces as per the manufacturer’s s recommendations. But not doing the maintenance your furnace needs will cost more in the long run as the device begins to lose its efficiency.

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Common Furnace Filter Sizes and Where to Buy Them

There are different types of furnaces, but most use a common furnace filter size. So, before replacing your filter, you need to know which size and type you need.   Your brand of furnace may need an electrostatic or media filter of a specific size.  Look at the old furnace filter to see which size and type it uses.   Don’t overlook the importance

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How to Manage Changing Spring Weather

The warm weather is certainly welcome but it’s not always consistent. Fluctuations in spring weather can actually be very frustrating; you may need a hat and gloves one day and then get away with shorts and a t-shirt the next. Inside your home, changing spring weather is a dilemma too. Is it safe to turn

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How Do Furnace Filters Work?

As a homeowner, your furnace probably doesn’t cross your mind much – that is, unless it’s not working or causing an inflation in your energy bill. However, buying and changing your furnace filter is a task that should be on your to-do list to avoid problems with your furnace down the road. But do you

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The End of GreenON Rebates for Families

Are you still entitled to your GreenON rebate? On June 19, 2018, the GreenON rebates program ended. That means a number of residential programs providing homeowners rebates for energy efficient upgrades are over. This includes rebates for: Air source heat pumps. Ground source heat pumps. The $100 smart thermostat incentive. If you already have a

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