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Reasons Your Furnace is Having Trouble Keeping Up

Reasons Your Furnace is Having Trouble Keeping Up
Posted on February 8, 2022
by Appleby Systems

When your house is colder than you expect in winter, but not quite as cold as it is outside, then probably the issue is that your furnace is having trouble keeping up with your demands for heat. A few things could be causing this problem. Below, we’ll discuss the three biggest possible reasons it feels like your furnace just can’t get the house as warm as you need it to be. 

Furnace Not Kicking on When Temperature Drops 

The simplest reason that your furnace isn’t heating your home is that it simply is not turning on to generate that precious heat. If your furnace is not turning on, there are a few potential causes: 

  1. Switched breaker: If the fuse controlling the furnace’s circuit has blown, then it will not turn on. Typically, all you need to do is replace the fuse if you have a traditional fuse box or flip the breaker. But if this problem reoccurs you could have electrical issues, which you should investigate. 
  1. Fuel problems: Gas furnaces may have a similar problem, that they just aren’t getting any fuel. There may be a blockage, leak, or other problem. You should let a professional handle any potential gas issues as there are safety risks. 
  1. Pilot light: Some people turn their pilot lights off in summer to conserve the small amount of energy it uses. Or, your pilot light may have gone out for other reasons. You can light it yourself or you can ask your HVAC tech to do so. 
  1. Overheating: Furnaces that have overheated may refuse to turn back on until a professional addresses the issue and resets it. 
  1. Thermostat: Lastly, your furnace may also fail to turn on because the thermostat is having problems. We address this issue below. 

Are you looking to speak to an HVAC expert? Contact the team at Appleby Systems today! 

How to Get Thermostat to Work 

When the thermostat is the problem with the furnace, homeowners may find that they can address this issue by themselves. Usually, the problem is the programming. With the variety of new smart thermostats on the market, getting your thermostat to work could be a very unique process. It’s best to turn to your user’s manual and look for troubleshooting tips there. 

If your manual can’t help, the problem might be the connection between the thermostat and the furnace. Somewhere along the line, there may be a break or even just loose contacts. Your HVAC technician can find and fix these issues. 

Why is my Furnace Having Trouble Keeping Up?

Your furnace is constantly running, but the house just doesn’t get warm enough? The problem may be that you have a furnace that is too small for the home. It simply doesn’t have the output to keep up with your thermostat’s demand on the colder days of the year. A professional can help you assess if your furnace is too small and needs to be upgraded. 

Are you looking to get a furnace repair or any other heating or cooling services? Contact the certified technicians at Appleby Systems today. 

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