Reliable Water Heaters – Oakville’s Newest Trend – Tankless Water Heaters

Hot Water TanksAt Appleby Systems, we can supply you with reliable & efficient hot water tanks, Oakville. We offer a wide array of styles and brands that you won’t find from any other supplier in the region.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are compact and energy saving – a great alternative to traditional hot water tanks. Oakville is always at the head of new building trends, and these hot water tanks are certainly that. Why waste energy heating water that sits stagnant in a tank all day long? Tankless water heaters provide hot water on-demand and and require no storage tank. Save energy and money by only heating the water you need, nothing more.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

Storage tank water heaters store water in a tank so that hot water is available at any time in the house.  These can be heated with electricity, gas or oil.

The new efficient models can perform as much as 40% better than older models. Say goodbye to traditional hot water tanks Oakville. Say hello to modern, European efficiency.

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Appleby Systems Offers Some of the Best Names in Water Heaters

At Appleby Systems, we offer a wide array of water heater choices. We are especially proud of our John Woods and ourEnvirosense brands.

John Woods

John Woods offers Energy Star-qualified models that are highly energy efficient yet maintain the same product dimensions as older, less efficient models. In addition, John Woods provides solutions for all installation applications.


Envirosense offers power-vented and power-direct vent gas water heaters. These high-tech models provide 90% thermal efficiency and higher hot water output than traditional water heaters.

Appleby Provides the Solution

No matter what your water tank needs, Appleby Systems has technicians who are educated and well versed about the most efficient water heaters available.

Call Appleby Systems if you have any questions about your water heater or would like to have a newer, more efficient model installed.

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