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When was Your Last Gas Fireplace Maintenance Service?

What Does Our Maintenance Service Include?

Keeping your unit operating efficiently and safely for you and your family is our specialty.

Gas fireplace maintenance consists of the following:

Remove the glass and clean both sides with a special gas glass cleaner
Vacuum logs and clean interior firebox
Check fan operation
An inspection of low volt connections
Clean burners and remove any spider webs
Check log set positioning (if incorrect, it will produce carbon)
Clean sensors, power pile and thermocouple and safety controls
Check door gasket
An inspection of the heat exchanger for cracks
Perform C.O. test and venting
Our visit includes a detailed examination of your system as a whole.

If, for example, the flame is yellow, it could mean too much carbon is present and will lead to dirty glass on your enclosure. This can be easily fixed by our technicians, and you’ll never miss the afternoons you spend cleaning the yellow stain off your fireplace enclosure (or looking at the yellow stain, but not really doing anything about it).

Skipping Service is Asking for Problems

Improper operation of gas fireplace
Severe sooting
No ignition
Poor gas fireplace performance and efficiency
Build-up of spider webs in burners
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Easy Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Ensure fireplace is off and cool before you attempt to clean
Look for any signs of blockage, rust or other damage
Wipe exterior down at least once per month wether in use or not, preventing build of dust that may be difficult to remove
Check log placement. If incorrect or broken, call a certified technician before using fireplace again
To relight your fireplace, follow all Manufacturer’s directions carefully
Following basic gas fireplace maintenance tips and getting an annual service is just one way to ensure that it is safe and ready for use each winter.
Call us today to schedule your gas fireplace maintenance service and catch any troubles before they get serious.
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Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP) ›

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP) ›

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP) ›

Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP)

Available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, gas fireplaces, water tanks and indoor air quality products. Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP) is on a pay-per-use basis. You call us when you require maintenance and tune-up on your HVAC equipment (furnace & air conditioner), fireplaces, hot water tanks or air quality products.

  • Gas Fireplace Maintenance can be maintained any time of the year, however typically in the fall and winter.

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP)

Available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, gas fireplaces, water tanks and indoor air quality products.

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP) consists of typically two service inspections per year to maintain your existing equipment. One visit in the spring/summer and one visit in the fall/winter. Which equipment we maintain is up to you. Besides the furnaces and air conditioners, you may wish to include gas fireplaces, water tanks, and air quality products including replacement filters. Once we have a list of the equipment and filters required, we price the contract which includes two appointment reminders per year and a discount on the contract maintenance price.

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP)

(Also known as Home Protection Plan) available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, and gas fireplaces only.

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP) also known as the Home Protection Plan, offers a yearly maintenance on the equipment coupled with insurance/warranty. This plan is renewable each year offering parts and labour warranty on the selected equipment and includes one yearly maintenance and tune-up. This plan is only advisable if your equipment is out of manufacturer warranty.

This insurance plan warrants your equipment and all the listed functioning parts of the mechanical/electrical components for a period of one year, renewable at your choice each year. The equipment must be less than 20 years old and qualified to be in good working order prior to being enrolled in the plan.

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