UV Air Purifiers, Also Known as Ultraviolet Air Cleaners

UV Air Purifiers - Appleby SystemsThe average person spends greater than half the day inside their home. Ensure that your home’s indoor air quality isn’t the cause for health concerns by eliminating the unwanted contaminants that exist indoors with Ultraviolet Air Cleaners.

A UV air purifier will give you and your family a safer and healthier home. You will start to notice a decrease in headaches, and irritation of your skin, eyes, lungs, and throat.

Your home is efficient. That’s healthy for the environment, but is it healthy for your family?

Efficient homes increase the need for indoor air quality treatment.

The more efficient your home, the less fresh ventilation is circulating from the outdoors. Without this circulation, normal activities such as laundry, cooking, and bathing can cause high humidity, ideal conditions for bacterial or fungal growth.

Indoor pollutants rank in the top five environmental health risks for humans

They come in two forms: gases from building materials, furnishing, cleaning products, varnishes, cooking, vehicles, and tobacco smoke, or particulate matter that includes dust, pollen, smoke, animal dander, mites, and molds.

How ultraviolet air cleaners work

Ultra Violet Air CleanersUltraviolet light destroys the viruses, bacteria, allergens, and molds that can be found suspended in your home’s atmosphere or growing on HVAC surfaces. Using one will eliminate much of the irritants that make your family sick, or cause skin, throat and lung discomfort.

Breathe freshness and purity

The average person spends greater than 12 hours a day inside their home; time spent in a house will total roughly half of anyone’s lifetime.  Ensure that your house provides your family a safe and healthy place to unwind, sleep, and enjoy spending time together, free of hazards to your well being. Contact us today to arrange an in home quote, or to speak with us about the UV air purifier options available to you.

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