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Electronic Air Cleaner Repair & Maintenance in Oakville 

Electronic Air Cleaner Maintenance Improves the Air you Breathe

Our homes are more airtight and energy efficient than ever before, but this high level of air-tightness has increased the need for quality air filtration.

The go-to technology for cleaning the air inside homes is electronic air filtration. Why?
The operating cost is extremely low (using less energy than a light bulb).
They have very little airflow resistance, helping maintain a low operating cost over the long term.
Filters can be washed and reused for years.
But these reliable systems do break down from time to time. And when you need electronic air cleaner repair, you want a technician who has done it before. It’s an uncommon repair, and we’ve been in the industry for half a century; our technicians possess skills and experience others don’t.
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Without Proper Maintenance, Your Air Cleaner Loses Effectiveness

For maximum efficiency, the air cleaner cells and the pre-filter should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

The maintenance inspection is dependent on the amount of air passing through the filter as well as the amount of dust (pollen, smoke, etc.) in the air. Cleaning of pre-filters and cells may be increased or decreased based on actual conditions.

If you have an electronic air cleaner, clean washable filters on a monthly or quarterly basis.
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Is Your Electronic Air Cleaner Clicking? Are Your Allergies Acting Up?

If your air cleaner snaps or pops intermittently, do not be concerned. These are sounds caused by large particles entering the air cleaner.

Should the noise continue repeatedly, remove the cells and pre-filters and clean if dirty, according to the directions. If the arcing (snapping & popping) continues, call us to troubleshoot and source the problem. You may need an electronic air cleaner repair.

Don’t wait to book your repair

Millions of airborne pollutants are carried through the return air ducts of your heating system. Those pollutants are passed through your filtration system so the air can return clean to the parts of the home you spend the most time in.

The moment your air filtration system stops working as intended, your family is breathing in every one of those pollutants.

Whether you have a 4 or 3-stage filtration system, our technicians can perform a quick evaluation and determine where the problem is.
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