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aprilaire whole home humidifierWhen discussions take place regarding indoor air quality, the topic of whole home humidifiers must be included.

A home without humidification that is heated during the long cold winters can be as dry as the Sahara Desert. The effects of lack of sufficient moisture in the air include dry irritated noses, often with bleeding; static charges; loose joints in wood furniture, squeaking and cracking wood flooring.

A modern fresh water, flow-through humidifier will eliminate most of these problems.

Once installed and the humidity control set the result can be felt immediately.

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Greater Comfort in the Place Where you Spend the Most Time

whole home steam humidifier in oakville and BurlingtonWith the right air moisture level, your home can provide a healthier and more comfortable living environment for the entire family- whether they suffer from health issues or not.

Getting the Moisture Levels Right Makes Your Home Feel Warmer

After installation, many people find that they can keep their heat at a lower setting because they feel warmer in the house. In our opinion, keeping a few dollars in your pocket is never a bad thing.

Steam Humidifier Furnace in oakvilleYour Home is Your Refuge. Make Sure it’s Safe, Healthy & Comfortable

We want your family to feel the ultimate comfort when you’re at home. We can help you choose the right humidifier for your needs as well as provide cleaning services when necessary. Your comfort is our priority!

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