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Electronic Air Cleaners in Oakville & Burlington

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How Do They Work?

These systems use cells consisting of plates and wires. A charge is placed on the wires and any particles passing through receive a charge and are attracted to and deposited on the plates in the cell.

The cells and pre-filter are cleaned and re-used.

Initially this has a higher purchase cost than upgrading your standard filter to an electronic air cleaner, but this is more than offset by the lower maintenance costs over time. Additionally they remove smaller particles and organic particles.
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Is a Whole House Air Cleaner Better?

Whole house air cleaners, also known as hybrid air cleaners, work a bit like a magnet. They charge the particles in the air and then collect them with an opposite charge.

Depending on your needs, a single whole house system might work, or you might require supplementary systems for individual rooms. What’s important is what works best for your unique situation- this is where our expertise comes in.
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Indoor Pollution is in the Top Five of all Health Risks

No matter how clean your home is, there are likely pollutants hanging around. These can include:

Carbon Monoxide
Excessive levels of radon gas
Carbon Dioxide
Dirt particles
Tobacco smoke
The air cleaner can help to flush these pollutants from your home and make the air in your home much healthier.

If you are interested in a Coleman electronic air cleaner or other brands, or just want more information so you can better understand the concept, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.
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Fast and easy ways to save money on heating and cooling maintenance

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