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We know how important it is for your family to have a reliable furnace during the harsh Canadian winter. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get the best new furnace for your investment. Who is your preferred manufacturer?

If you aren’t on the market for a new furnace, we can make sure your existing furnace is maintained and up to the task of keeping your family warm when winter is at its worst.

We offer a quick, easy and affordable furnace cleaning service to make sure your furnace is:

  • Sending clean, filtered air through your home.
  • Not wasting energy forcing air through a clogged filter or vent system.
  • Free of any buildup that could degrade efficiency.

Visit our showroom or give us a call to talk about your new furnace, furnace maintenance plan or furnace cleaning.

Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Furnace Company OakvilleA modern gas furnace can give you up to 20-25 years of reliable service. Older models, built before the year 2000, may start to seriously decline after the 10 year mark. How old is your current furnace?

If it makes strange, consistent noise or has required more than 1 repair in the last year, it could be the perfect time for an upgrade. Call us for a professional opinion.

The Largest Variety of Energy Efficient Models

Our showroom houses a greater variety of energy efficient furnaces than any other provider in Halton. If you want choice, come see us.

Single Stage

Most homeowners are familiar with single stage furnaces. They have a single stage gas valve, and the blower operates at a single speed.

They are the most affordable design, sacrificing some efficiency at the cost of a lower price barrier to ownership.

Two Stage Variable Speed

These furnaces have a two stage gas valve and a DC, variable speed blower motor. The blower motor is designed to run continually at a very low speed.

As the thermostat calls for heat, the gas valve opens approximately 60%. The blower continues as it always does. After 10 minutes, if the thermostat temperature setting is not reached, the gas valve opens fully and the blower speed temporarily increases to move the air through the house.

When the set temperature is reached, the gas valve closes and the blower returns to regular speed.

This technology can reach 96% efficiency.


Modulating models use a multistage gas valve and the same variable speed blower motor as the two stage. The gas valve can have as many as 60 stages.

The temperature in the house is monitored electronically and the gas is adjusted accordingly with the variable speed motor changing speed as dictated by the system.

These furnaces reach efficiency of 98%

The two stage variable and modulating furnaces are designed to move heated air with the lowest effort, through constant, low-volume airflow. This means the rooms furthest from the furnace will be warmer than with a single stage furnace at the same temperature setting.

Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating and Cooling Maintenance Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money onHeating and Cooling Maintenance Find Out More

Get Ready for Reliable Heat

If you have an old furnace, you’ve likely experienced breakdowns and repairs. A new home heating system can give you peace of mind. No more worries about the furnace leaving you cold and huddled together by the fireplace to keep warm.

Energy Star Products Can Fetch You a Government Rebate

We have a selection of Energy Star products that provide a huge efficiency boost over your old unit, and come with government rebates and grants as a little bonus for your purchase.

Instantly Add Value to Your Home

Furnaces in OakvilleReplacing a furnace isn’t the most glamorous investment, but it provides a serious boost to your quality of life.

When you choose an energy-efficient model, you’ll see immediate savings on your monthly heating bills.

We Simplify Your Home Heating Needs

Call us if it’s time to replace your furnace. We’ll visit your home and get your story before making a recommendation.

A quote will cost you nothing, and our free quotes include the scope of installation, terms and payment options, and warranty information.

Fast and Easy Installation

Worried about the mess that comes with installation? Our installation includes a comprehensive checklist to ensure no mess stays behind when your installation is complete.

We’ll also give you a full rundown of the best way to program your new unit so it operates as efficiently as possible.

Have questions? Our expert technicians are more than happy to help you with any special questions or concerns you might have.

Call us today to discuss your furnace needs with the most trusted furnace company in Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Waterdown and Hamilton.

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