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A modern Coleman furnace is far more efficient and safe than designs even a decade old. This comes from improvements to burner, ignition and blower motor design. With the most up-to-date component designs, a Coleman gas furnace is one of the best furnaces on the market today.

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How Efficient are We Talking?

Furnace efficiency is measured by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) as a percentage. A higher AFUE value denotes a more efficient furnace. And this number is listed clearly on every furnace we carry.

1. Infinite Comfort Levels:

Don’t adjust your lifestyle to different temperature levels.  Instead enjoy a comfortable temperature that matches your level of living.  That’s the idea behind Coleman Echelon modulating furnaces.

2. EcoTrak Customizes Your Comfort Level

Now you can enjoy custom comfort regardless of whether you live in a dry or humid climate.  That’s because Coleman uses EcoTrak technology that  allows your installer to set an operating cycle working best for you.

3. Savings You Can See:

Advanced Coleman LX gas furnaces are much more efficient and add this benefit to greater reliability and reduced repair & service costs, LX furnace can pay for itself quickly.

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Take a look at the efficient, reliable and affordable Coleman furnace choices we carry

The Echelon Gas Furnace Series

Up to 98% AFUE

  • Energy Star Rated.
  • Echelon modulating units can reduce energy costs nearly 40% compared to furnaces that are 20 years old.
  • Modulates at 1% increments to save fuel and matching comfort levels more exactly.
  • Variable speed design build around Coleman’s own electronically commutated motor ECM.

The LX Gas Furnace Series

Up to 96% AFUE

  • Energy Star Rated.
  • 2-Stage High efficiency.
  • Super Quiet.
  • Variable speed ECM fan motor.

Up to 95.5% AFUE

  • Energy Star Rated.
  • Single stage high efficiency.
  • Quiet operation.
  • X13 motor uses 2 times less electricity than standard furnace.

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