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Half of Oakville’s 17 unique residential neighbourhoods sit south of the QEW, half are just north.

The city has a great variety of homes, including:

  • Newly built starter homes.
  • Older, more established homes approaching Lake Ontario.
  • Midsized homes about 40 years old.

Homes in neighbourhoods close to Lake Ontario, like Central or Southwest Oakville, Bronte and Ford enjoy a comfortable breeze from the lake during summer, but live with some of the fiercest winds through the winter.

Many of these homes fend off the winter cold with older model furnaces, built long before current designs were conceived. For homeowners in these south Oakville areas, we recommend:

With your furnace working overtime to battle back the creeping chill, we also recommend homeowners within 2km of the waterfront install a high volume humidifier. Dry air in the winter can cause cracking in your antique furniture, but a high volume humidifier can preserve your heirlooms beautifully.

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North of the QEW

North of the QEW, areas like College Park, Glen Abbey, Joshua Creek and Rivers Oaks feature a great variety of new and established homes.

What our technicians have noticed, however, is many homeowners are running undersized furnaces and air conditioners. Homes of 2,000+ sq ft serviced by HVAC equipment designed for 1,500-1,800 sq ft. The reason you experience warm, stagnant air in the summer might be because your air conditioner isn’t the right size for your home.

In many new homes, those erected in the last 10 years, across this area, homeowners are looking to upgrade their builder-grade gas fireplaces to something more luxurious.

Homes in Joshua Creek, Wedgewood Creek and Falgarwood are all approaching the need for water heater replacements. Have you noticed your showers cut short by lukewarm water? Is your water heater more than 5 years old? Solve your water issues with:

Homes in your neighbourhood are facing many of the same challenges right now. Contact us today
so we can take everything we learned from your neighbours and pour it into improving your home.

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