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Fast, Friendly Heat Recovery Ventilator Repair & Maintenance in Oakville

Do You Give Your Heat Recovery Ventilator the Maintenance it Deserves?

Your heat recovery ventilator system works hard keeping fresh air moving through your house and improving climate control. Throughout the year, this workhorse helps to reduce your heating and cooling requirements while saving energy. Heat recovery ventilator maintenance plays an important part in keeping your HVAC system working smoothly.

Don’t Neglect This Asset to Your Home

Can you say that you give your hard-working system the attention it deserves with proper maintenance?

Its main purpose is to maintain efficiency while allowing for proper fresh air circulation. If you’ve invested in one, you already know the importance of home efficiency for the environment, and for your wallet. Don’t allow it to lose efficiency by neglecting regular preventative service
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Hrv Repair Maintenance

Do you keep up with the HRV Maintenance Schedule?

Regular HRV maintenance should keep you from ever needing heat recovery ventilator repair, and includes a comprehensive program of:
Filter cleaning and replacement.
Vent, grill and ductwork cleaning
(if needed).
Fan maintenance.
Heat exchange core cleaning.
Drain inspection and maintenance.
If you subscribe to an HRV maintenance package, we make sure you don’t miss a service rotation by tracking and following up on all required service.

You can manage your cost of home ownership with predictable payments and a marked reduction in instances of emergency repairs (which come at a significant expense). And when it comes time to renew, we’ll make sure your coverage doesn’t miss a beat.
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Staying Warm By Fire

What to Expect During Your Heat Recovery Ventilator Maintenance

Because your climate comfort is our focus, we provide maintenance services that keep your machine running efficiently. Our service includes:
Cleaning filters
Checking and cleaning the core
A control check
Checking fan motor operation (the speeds and bearings)
Cleaning outdoor vents
We provide a thorough inspection so there are no surprise break-downs after we leave. Once we are done, you can be assured that your unit has been thoroughly checked and that it’s in perfect operating condition.

If you have a heat recovery ventilator system give us a call today so we can help you decide if it’s time for a routine health check.

Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP) ›

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP) ›

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP) ›

Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP)

Available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, fireplaces, water tanks and indoor air quality products. Routine Maintenance Plan (RMP) is on a pay-per-use basis. You call us when you require maintenance and tune-up on your HVAC equipment (furnace & air conditioner), fireplaces, hot water tanks or air quality products.
  • Indoor Air Quality Products such as humidifiers, electronic air cleaners, heat recovery ventilators, energy recovery ventilators, whole house HEPA systems, air purifiers, and furnace filters. These products can be maintained any time of the year. These products are offered at reduced pricing when combined with furnace and air conditioner maintenances.

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP)

Available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, fireplaces, water tanks and indoor air quality products.

Contract Maintenance Plan (CMP) consists of typically two service inspections per year to maintain your existing equipment. One visit in the spring/summer and one visit in the fall/winter. Which equipment we maintain is up to you. Besides the furnaces and air conditioners, you may wish to include fireplaces, water tanks, and air quality products including replacement filters. Once we have a list of the equipment and filters required, we price the contract which includes two appointment reminders per year and a discount on the contract maintenance price.

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP)

(Also known as Home Protection Plan) available for furnaces, air conditioners, ductless units, and fireplaces only.

HVAC Product Protection Plan (HPP) also known as the Home Protection Plan, offers a yearly maintenance on the equipment coupled with insurance/warranty. This plan is renewable each year offering parts and labour warranty on the selected equipment and includes one yearly maintenance and tune-up. This plan is only advisable if your equipment is out of manufacturer warranty.

This insurance plan warrants your equipment and all the listed functioning parts of the mechanical/electrical components for a period of one year, renewable at your choice each year. The equipment must be less than 20 years old and qualified to be in good working order prior to being enrolled in the plan.

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Fast and easy ways to save money on heating and cooling maintenance

Download our Free Guide to HVAC Evaluation Who doesn’t like to save a bit of money? There are plenty of things you can do around the house to cut back on the costs of homeownership. Get your copy of this guide to learn some fast and easy tricks so you can handle your own HVAC audit!
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