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6 Things to Do Before Calling a Furnace Technician

Things to Do Before Calling a Furnace Technician
Posted on September 1, 2021
by Appleby Systems

When your furnace isn’t working, you may want to take things into your own hands. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing you have to do before calling us for our help with a broken furnace. However, if you feel like checking things out for yourself just in case it is something you can handle, there is plenty of work you can do. While you probably can’t follow our full gas furnace inspection checklist, we have a more homeowner-friendly checklist below.

1. Check the Thermostat 

Many furnace problems are actually problems with the thermostat. The furnace is just getting bad instructions or no instructions at all. So, our first suggestion is that you check on the furnace, make sure it’s on, set to heat, and otherwise working. Smart thermostats may also have alerts about furnace performance which could be helpful in diagnosing your issue.

2. Check the Breaker 

There is also the possibility that a breaker trip could have impacted the thermostat or the furnace itself. Pop over to your breaker box and make sure that none are tripped. If you find that one did trip, you may still want professional advice to find out why the breaker tripped to prevent it from happening again.

3. Check the Filters

Filter problems can restrict airflow in the furnace and potentially make it seem like it is producing less heat. It can even make the furnace overheat entirely. Check out your furnace filter, especially if you haven’t changed it in a while. Is it too full? Maybe it is the wrong size or MERV? Filters that are the wrong size shouldn’t fit in. Filters that are too high MERV value may restrict the airflow in the furnace. Your technician can help if you’re not sure if your filter is right and if it needs to be changed more often.

Are you looking to get a fall furnace tune-up or any other heating and cooling services? Contact the certified technicians at Appleby Systems today.

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4. Check Your Registers

Sometimes airflow problems in your home can create cold spots and other issues with your home heating. If your registers have been blocked, then your furnace can’t pull in air. This can reduce its airflow and make it seem like the furnace isn’t producing heat, because it can’t flow out very well. Remove anything that blocks your registers and make sure they are open.

5. Check the Switch

Furnaces have dedicated safety switches, just like the switch that turns your kitchen’s light on and off. Take a peek around the furnace to see if you can find the switch and whether it has been turned off. A simple flip should turn the furnace back on if this was the case.

6. Check Exhaust Pipe

Gas furnaces have vents that release their exhaust outside. If this vent becomes blocked it can impact the furnace and it can be a safety hazard. Take a look at the vent outside and see if garbage or a bird has blocked it.

Are you looking to have a furnace inspection before winter? Call the industry experts at Appleby Systems today to schedule your comprehensive maintenance and service.

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