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5 Essential Questions to Ask Your Technician Before Installing a new HVAC System

Questions to Ask HVAC Technician
Posted on August 5, 2021
by Appleby Systems

We find that the expertise of our HVAC technicians often goes untapped by homeowners. There are plenty of guides online trying to give you advice about your HVAC system, but nothing beats personalized advice from someone who knows your exact situation. Our technicians are always happy to answer your questions. If you’re not sure where to start to get this valuable advice, we’ve collected five questions to ask your HVAC technician that may be useful in your situation.

1. Are There New Technologies I Could Consider?

This is a top question to ask when replacing an HVAC system because it opens you up to new ideas you may not have considered before. If you are used to duct heating, tank-based water heaters, and simple thermostats, you may be surprised that there are new developments out there that can help you have a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

2. What Kind of Maintenance Does My System Need?

There is no one better positioned to tell you what kind of maintenance your system will need than the technician who installed it. From how often to change the filters to what yearly maintenance is involved with the other parts of your HVAC appliance, we can tell you. That way, you won’t be worrying about it later.

3. Does This Furnace Support a Whole-Home Humidifier?

This is a very specific question to ask when replacing a furnace. If your home gets too dry in the winter, as many do in Canada, having a humidifier built into the furnace is a simple solution that will keep you much more comfortable. Not all furnaces have these, and there are different kinds of whole-home humidifiers too, some of which work better than others, so it’s wise to get advice from the experts.

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4. Is This Energy-Efficiency Upgrade Worth It?

You’ll find that manufacturers of smart thermostats and high-efficiency furnaces promise a certain amount of savings if you install their product. However, when they come up with these numbers, they make some assumptions about what temperature you keep your home at or what other equipment you’re working with. Technicians have the information to make a better assessment of how much you’ll save if you switch. Plus, they can talk with you about your values and long-term goals to make sure this upgrade is really the best decision for you.

5. What Size Do I Really Need to Cool My Home? 

When you’re getting an AC, this is the most important question. If you choose an undersized air conditioner, you’ll be uncomfortable, but an oversized one can be inefficient. While there are guides to calculate air conditioner size, the professionals can show you how your home’s layout and other features will change that calculation.

Are you looking to save money by improving your home’s heating and cooling efficiency? Contact Appleby Systems today to speak with a qualified HVAC technician.

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