What Is A Furnace Tune-Up & Is It Worth It?

Like any piece of critical equipment, residential furnaces will eventually experience wear and tear, mainly when they aren’t consistently serviced. Many homeowners don’t maintain their furnaces as per the manufacturer’s s recommendations. But not doing the maintenance your furnace needs will cost more in the long run as the device begins to lose its efficiency. If you noticed that your heating bills had escalated lately, it could mean that your furnace needs a tune-up. 

What is a furnace tune-up, and when do I need one? 

 A professional furnace tune-up includes checking and cleaning all the main parts of your furnace; adjusting the pilot and burner when needed; inspecting and replacing filters if needed; lubricating all motors (although newer models may be self-lubricating) and running a combustion efficiency test. Other tune-up operations include: 

  • Adjusting fan control for accurate temperature rise and airflow 
  • Calibrating the thermostat 
  • Inspecting heat exchanger 
  • Inspecting belts for cracks and wear 
  • Testing manifold gas pressure and combustion air openings (if necessary) 
  • Checking high limit and other safety controls 
  • Checking thermocouple, replace if necessary 
  • Checking gas line for leaks from furnace shut off valves to the burners 
  • Cleaning and adjusting pilot, as necessary 
  • Inspecting flue for obstructions 
  • Tightening all electrical connections 
  • Adjusting and cleaning blower components 

 Do I Need a Furnace Tune-up? 

Regular furnace tune-ups can prolong the life of your furnace, lower heating costs, prevent breakdowns and limit repairs, and decrease the amount of smoke and other pollutants released into your environment. Gas furnace systems should be tuned-up and cleaned annually, and heat pump every two to three years. A professional furnace tune-up is an affordable expense that will save you money over time due to better efficiency and output. 

Old furnaces are dirty, loud, and sometimes quite a health hazard. When tuning up your heating system, you’re guaranteeing that your equipment is functional, reliable, efficient, and safe all winter long. So yes, a furnace tune-up is worth it, and it’s a useful way of saving on your energy bills and potential repairs. 

Welcome the Winter Chills 

Regular servicing can diagnose issues before they interrupt your heating system during the cold season. It’s a good idea to run a comprehensive checkup of your furnace before the winter chills. Moreover, when you must employ a heating contractor on the weekend because the furnace suddenly breaks down, you’re probably going to end up paying emergency after-hour rates. 

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