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Fireplace Maintenance: How to Maintain a Gas Fireplace

Fireplace Maintenance
Posted on October 3, 2019
by Appleby Systems

Do you know why it’s important to maintain a gas fireplace? As winter approaches, fireplace maintenance tasks become more important as we start to use our fireplaces more often for warmth and comfort. 

Maintenance Means Peace of Mind

Without proper gas fireplace maintenance, problems can occur. Dirt and dust build-up can clog the ports of your fireplace, and gaskets can wear out, potentially allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to leak into your homePlus, there’s general wear and tear that accumulates over the years, such as the deterioration of logs and chipped or cracked glass. 

It’s important that you keep on top of maintenance to ensure your gas fireplace runs smoothly and that everyone in your home stays safe.  

How to Maintain a Gas Fireplace 

To ensure you’re still operating a safe unit, you should keep up with annual gas fireplace maintenance. To do this, make an appointment for an inspection with a trusted professional who will perform routine cleaning and make any necessary adjustments or recommendations.   

You can also do a visual inspection of your unit each month by following these simple steps: 

  1. Check the glass for any chips or cracks. If there is damage to the glass, this can interfere with the heat output and potentially cause further damage over time. 
  2. Check that the frame, including screws or fasteners, is secure. Loose edges or sections can increase the potential for leaks or injury. 
  3. Check the build-up of dust and debris. If you notice that your glass or inside components of the unit are particularly dirty, make an appointment for professional cleaning services. 
  4. Check for deteriorating or broken logs. Over the years, extended use of your fireplace and trying to clean your gas fireplace yourself may cause damage to the logs which can clog vents or other parts of your unit. Always consult an HVAC professional for thorough cleanings and to inspect and replace any broken or deteriorated logs.  
  5. Check the vents. Most gas fireplaces have an external vent outside. Avoid trying to clean any vents yourself and simply do a quick visual inspection for large debris or obstructions that may cause further build-up. A professional will be better able to perform an in-depth cleaning of all the associated vents and components to ensure they are clear and not damaged. 

WhCall the Experts 

Although it may be tempting to clean a gas fireplace on your own, it can be dangerous to take on this task alone. You may accidentally disrupt wiring or other parts of the unit, including not putting the logs back in the correct position; that can cause further issues. 

It’s best to call in a licensed technician who will do a complete inspection of your unit, checking for suspicious odours and testing the ignition or other components for issues. They know exactly what to look for and will be able to recommend if your unit needs repairs or cleaning services, as well as identify any discoloration, cracks, or other build-up that could cause problems in the future. 

If it has been more than a year since the last service of your gas fireplace, you should call in the experts and have your fireplace inspected sooner than later. 

Trust Appleby for Gas Fireplace Maintenance

Now that you know why it’s important to maintain your gas fireplace, call the professionals at Appleby Systems to take care of your gas fireplace needs. Contact us today.  

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