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How Do Hot Water Tanks Work?

Posted on September 27, 2019
by Appleby Systems

For over 130 years, water heaters have been helping us keep ourselves and our homes clean. Before this invention, we would heat water over a fire, on a stove or with the help of natural gas. Now it’s as simple as installing a tank and letting it do the work. But how do water tanks work exactly?  

How do hot water tanks heat up water?

Whether they run on electricity or a fuel source such as gas, water heaters are made up of the same components, which involve the use of three pipes to transfer water: 

  • One to bring cold water into the unit 
  • One to transfer the water out 
  • A final pipe that has a safety valve which releases water from the tank if the temperature or pressure of the unit exceeds any safety limits 
How Do Hot Water Tanks Work
Water Heaters Explained: Infographic

The complete process is as follows: 

  1. Cold water enters the unit and comes in contact with the heating unit, which is generally located at the bottom of the water heater
  2. As the cold water is heated, it warms up and rises to the top of the water heater tank
  3. Hot water is then removed and transferred to various parts of the home, depending on where it is needed
  4. With a traditional tank, any hot water that is not being used will sit in the tank and will be continuously heated until it is needed 

Standard Water Heaters vs. Powervent Water Heaters 

Compared to standard water heaters, powervent water heaters are a low-energy consumption alternative. While standard water heaters vents gases into the atmosphere naturally, a powervent water heater uses a fan to remove dangerous exhaust gases quickly from the water tank, providing added safety. Another advantage is that they are easier to place in different areas of the home.  

Hot Water Tank Installation 

When you need hot water, trust a certified water heater professional to install your hot water tank safely and efficiently.  

Get the best water heater on the market with John WoodsTheir water heaters are not only energy-efficient but are Energy-Star certified. These units are available in the same dimensions as most standard, older models, and provide the financial and energy savings you need. They also offer power-vented water tanks which can be installed anywhere without a need for a chimney. 

To learn more about hot water tanks and or home heating and cooling solutions, contact Oakville's HVAC specialists at Appleby Systems today.

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