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What to Expect When a Humidifier is Installed on a Gas Furnace

Posted on January 18, 2021
by Appleby Systems

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A whole-home humidifier will improve your home’s air quality dramatically, maybe even relieving your dry skin and other symptoms of lowered humidity. Installing one on your gas furnace or electric furnace is a little complicated, but the professionals can help, by installing the system for you.

Every humidifier is a little different, and your HVAC professional should understand the differences and nuances of each humidifier and how it must be installed on your gas furnace. To begin the furnace should always be off while an HVAC professional is working.

Tools You’ll Need

In order to complete the install of your humidifier on your gas furnace, your HVAC professional will have to come prepared with the following:

  • Humidifier and all the parts it comes with
  • Vent pipe
  • Sheet metal screws
  • Wire nuts
  • Aviation snips
  • And more.

Mount the System

To start, simply turn the furnace switch to the off position.  This is located above or near the furnace area. A humidifier can be attached to the warm air supply duct or in most cases the cold air return duct near the furnace. Each humidifier is different and your HVAC professional will be able to draw out a template of the duct system. A cut out for the humidifier can be made, using this template. Depending on the system you have purchased, your HVAC professional can now secure the humidifier to the duct work or they may have to complete some of the plumbing and electrical connections first.

Breathe a little easier this winter season by improving your indoor air quality. Contact the professionals at Appleby Systems today to learn more about a whole-home humidifier and how it can benefit your family.

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Add the Plumbing

For every humidifier unit, there will be some plumbing and electrical work that a professional will have to complete.

Ideally, can be hooked up to hot water or cold-water line for the humidifier. However, depending on the orientation of your home’s plumbing, a line may not be close enough. A new line can be easily added by calling the professionals.

Once the line is identified your HVAC professional will simply attach the line to the humidifier. Most humidifiers will need to drain water, so a drain line will be added that will run to a floor drain or a condensate pump or an outgoing drain. The drain line position will be determined by convenience.

Add the Electrical

Your humidifier will also need power to run. And you’ll also need to connect the wiring between the humidistat and humidifier. Your HVAC professional will have the knowledge and experience to complete this step safely.

If breathing in clean air is on your to do list for 2021 call the professionals at Appleby Systems to install a humidifier on your gas furnace. Contact us today.


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