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Did You Forget to Service Your Furnace Last Spring? There’s Still Time Before the Real Cold Hits

Posted on September 15, 2017
by Appleby Systems

Although you meant to, you simply weren’t able to schedule furnace maintenance last spring.

We totally get it.

furnace maintenance oakvilleBetween spring cleaning, getting out to enjoy the nice weather, and school activities for the kids, thinking about your furnace wasn’t really top of mind.

(And if you recall, the winter leading up to spring wasn’t too bad or too cold).

Now that fall’s here, you may be worried it’s too late to have Appleby Systems visit and tune-up your furnace.

In reality, it isn’t.

Here’s why.

Spot little problems before they become big ones

Although you missed your spring furnace maintenance plan, you don’t want to do it again this fall.

Your furnace is a complicated piece of machinery with plenty of moving parts, electrical components and exposure to gas.

Over time, things can wear down.

This will cause your furnace to run inefficiently, which will add extra cost to your monthly heating bills:

  • Dirty burners: This reduces airflow because dirt and debris delay ignition. If you hear any “pops” or “bangs” coming from your furnaces, the burners need cleaning.
  • Lack of heat: Maintaining your furnace means maintaining your comfort. When it’s not heating up, that could mean something’s wrong with the thermostat setting, power, gas, or pilot light.
  • Dirty air filters: A clogged furnace filter can actually shut down the unit. At the very least, it’ll circulate contaminated, unhealthy air throughout your home.
  • It’s noisy: Squeals, screeches and rumbles aren’t normal. This could mean anything from a mechanical issue to constricted airflow or a clogged burner.

Those are just some of the problems a scheduled furnace maintenance visit can detect and fix.

Otherwise, you risk your furnace giving out on you during the coldest night of winter.

save money on a new furnaceTake advantage of timely rebates

It’s simple, really: The more money you can keep in your pocket, the better.

With fall furnace maintenance, you get the best of both worlds. Peace of mind knowing that your furnace is in tip-top shape and some extra cash too.

Some rebate specials you can take advantage of include:

Fall maintenance offer

  • Save $15 when you book fall maintenance for your furnace. If you decide to get your fireplace, air conditioner and water heater looked after; you’ll save $15 on each for a total savings of $60.**

Coleman furnace rebate

  • If you think it’s time for a new unit, you can get an instant rebate up to $1700 on a Coleman furnace. This offer lasts until November 30, 2017.*

 IESO rebate

  • Purchase a new ENERGY START high-efficiency furnace with an electronically commutated motor (ECM) and you can get up to $250 back.

*All offers are for a limited time. **Cannot be combined with another offer.

Contact us. We’ll get your furnace ready for fall and winter

You probably haven’t thought about your furnace in months.

But now that the seasons are changing, you may be wondering if it’s ready to handle the demands that cold Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton winters will place on it.

There’s only one way to find out.

Contact us to schedule your fall furnace maintenance visit.

We’ll make sure everything is working as it should long before Old Man Winter arrives.

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