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The Best Time of Year to Buy a New Furnace

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Posted on September 1, 2017
by Appleby Systems

It’s unusual to think about heating up right now, but if you like a good deal, you should! The best time of the year to buy a new furnace is today, and here’s why:

  • You can qualify for up to $5,000 in home upgrade rebates from your local gas utility, including thousands for just upgrading your furnace.

We’ll install your new furnace and stand behind the work with a warranty.

It’s alright if you don’t know much about furnaces

Part of our job is to help guide you to the right product for your home and family.

When you come to talk to a member of our team, we want to know about:

  • The size of your space.
  • How long do you plan to stay in your current home?
  • The location of windows in your home.
  • Your desire to invest in efficiency.

Lots of buyers like to stick with the brand name they’re familiar with, like Coleman, or Carrier, but it’s always smart to keep an open mind. You may get a better deal on a product with all the same features just by switching to a different manufacturer. You don’t owe your previous brand anything!

What features should I look for?

The AFUE rating indicates the efficiency of your unit. Newer units take advantage of modern energy-saving features, so you reduce your monthly bills and environmental impact just by upgrading. A higher AFUE rating indicates greater efficiency.

Some furnaces take advantage of built-in humidifiers, which provide further energy savings in the winter and help keep your family from getting sick (yes, dry air makes you more vulnerable to cold and flu viruses).

How do I take care of the new furnace?

All you have to do is commit to a regular maintenance schedule. And by regular, we mean every year.

Skipping maintenance can reduce the efficiency of your new unit by about 5% annually. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, can keep your furnace from losing more than 5% of its efficiency over the lifetime of the appliance.

It’s like maintaining your car. You probably don’t love paying for an oil change at the time, but you really dislike paying for a major repair if the car breaks down from neglect.

Hvac Contractor In Basement With Tool Box - The Best Time of Year to Buy a New Furnace

Book Your Annual Maintenance with Appleby Today

A small investment in annual maintenance after you buy a new furnace will substantially limit the chance you’ll ever be stuck with a major repair.

So now you know two things:

  • When the best time of year to buy a new furnace is.
  • How to make a smart investment in your new furnace.

Give us a call today!

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