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Are UV Air Purifiers Safe?

Posted on March 1, 2021
by Appleby Systems

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There are many different kinds of air purifiers, and new technologies that are being developed all of the time. One of the newest ones is UV air purifiers. As this technology is relatively new, you might not know how it works and whether or not it is safe. Here is what you need to know about UV air purifiers, including if they are safe.

How Do UV Air Purifiers Work?

UV stands for ultraviolet radiation. It’s a form of light that is naturally given off from the sun. Some UV rays do cause sunburns, and they can be dangerous, but UV air purifiers are designed so that you’re not exposed to the UV light itself. Instead, air purifiers draw air into a small chamber and fill it with short wave UV-C light. Some will use other forms of UV light.

The idea is that the light will destroy the bacteria and other pathogens in the air, and then the purifier will blow this clean air out into your home. The light destroys the pathogen on the DNA level. It kills living things, but it’s not effective with dust, dander, etc. There is usually another filter in the purifier to handle these things.

Your home air quality is important. If you are interested in investing in an air purifier or trying to find the best one for you and your family, give us a call today.

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Are UV Air Purifiers Safe?

The light itself from the air purifier is safe, as you’re not normally exposed to it. However, there are other risks that UV air purifiers have. Air exposed to UV light can create ozone. This is just an unstable oxygen molecule, but it can have serious effects on human health. Ozone exposure can reduce your lung function, but not all UV air purifiers create ozone. The experts at Appleby Systems stand behind their products will walk your family through the correct UV air purifier choice.

At Appleby Systems, our main goal is to keep you comfortable. If you have questions about your air purifier, speak to our experts today and they will be happy to assist you.


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