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Use Your Fireplace Safely this Winter! [Fireplace Safety Tips Infographic]

Posted on December 18, 2014
by Appleby Systems

A significant portion of home fires are caused by fireplaces. A coal bursts out onto the carpet, or the creosote in the chimney combusts, and the whole house is in trouble. That's why you need to be aware of key fireplace safety tips to keep your family safe.

We think this infographic from Ameriprise Auto and Home Insurance does a great job of summarizing the fast and easy checks and fixes you can use to make sure your beautiful fire doesn’t take a quick turn to become a nightmare.

The most important thing to remember – never leave a fire unattended!

Fireplace Safety Tips


Inspect and Clean Chimney and Flue Annually

Ensure your chimney and flue are professionally inspected and cleaned every year to prevent dangerous buildups like creosote and to ensure there are no blockages.

Keep Air Inlets Clear for Proper Ventilation

Maintain clear and open air inlets while using the fireplace, as adequate ventilation is crucial for safe and efficient burning.

Dispose of Ashes Safely and Cool

Wait for ashes to cool completely before disposal and store them in a metal container placed away from any flammable materials.

Use a Sturdy Mesh Gate

Install a robust mesh gate around the fireplace to prevent sparks and embers from escaping and causing potential hazards.

Maintain Safe Clearance Around the Hearth

Keep all combustible materials, such as furniture and curtains, at least three feet away from the hearth to prevent fire risks.

Close Fireplace Doors Securely When Not in Use

Ensure the fireplace doors are properly sealed and securely closed when the fireplace is not in use to prevent drafts and accidental sparks.

Never Leave the Fireplace Unattended

Always supervise the fireplace when it's in use, particularly if there are children or pets in the vicinity.

Install and Regularly Test Smoke Alarms

Install smoke alarms in your home, especially near sleeping areas and on each floor, and regularly test them to ensure they are functioning.

Keep Safe Distances from the Fireplace

Maintain a safe distance for furniture, rugs, and decorations from the fireplace to avoid any fire hazards.

Get Your Fireplace Maintained by a Professional

Need more fireplace safety tips? Appleby Systems is here to help! We can maintain your fireplace in Oakville and explain everything you need to know about safe use to your family. Contact us to learn more!

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