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3 Things to Remember During Renovations Involving Gas Lines

Posted on May 1, 2020
by Appleby Systems

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Are you planning a kitchen or backyard renovation this year? If so, you might have to deal with a gas line, whether you need to work around it safely in the kitchen or extend it to the backyard for a BBQ. Gas lines are dangerous, so we recommend that you have any work involving them done by a professional. Still, you may have questions about exactly what steps your contractor should take during renovations involving gas lines. Here are a few home renovation tips to keep in mind for each kind of project.

1) Adding or Changing the Gas Line in the Kitchen

There’s something romantic about a gas stove. Plus, they can be beneficial for cooking some recipes. If you’re looking to switch from electric to gas or move the gas line to another spot in the kitchen, the gas line work should be done second, right after you deal with any electrical work. In fact, you should move the gas lines before you complete any structural work and especially before you start any installations. Otherwise, it will be a challenge to move the gas line safely.

In order to have a professional estimate where the new gas line should go, you’ll need a mock-up of the layout of your new kitchen and the model of gas stove you’re purchasing. That way you can make sure it will fit.

2) Extending the Gas Line for a BBQ

Gas Line attached to BBQ

If you’re getting one of those incredibly popular outdoor kitchens, you might want to include a barbeque with its own gas line. This saves you the hassle of buying and replacing propane tanks and ensures that the barbeque will always be ready for some grilling. 

In order to extend the gas line, your gas fitter will figure out where they need to tap the existing line, and then install a T-fitting to extend it. They will run the new pipe out to where the gas line needs to be, making sure that each connection point is properly sealed. When it reaches the right spot, the line will need to be terminated and given a gas valve so that you can use it. Then they should attach your barbeque to the line and show you how to turn the gas on and off. 

3) Gas Lines Need to Be Adjusted by Professionals 

In many areas, a gas fitter needs to add a tag to gas lines that they add or move to prove the work was done by a professional. This provides information to a safety authority about who completed the work. If anything goes wrong, the gas fitter can then be tracked. Working with gas lines is serious, so be sure to consult the professionals. 

The professionals at Appleby Systems can install your gas line safely. Contact Appleby Systems today for all of your gas line needs. 


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