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Six Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Commercial Buildings

Effective Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality
Posted on August 4, 2022
by Appleby Systems

At home, at work, and when shopping, everyone wants to focus on their health and wellness. But is poor indoor air quality getting in the way? Air that is full of debris and pollutants can be irritating at best and a serious health concern at worst. Thankfully, there are simple air quality solutions that your HVAC technician can recommend to you to address the air quality concerns that are specific to your commercial building. 

How Could Indoor Air Pollution Undermine Your Health and Wellness?

You’ve heard of clean eating, now consider clean breathing. Poor indoor air quality can undermine your health by allowing you to breathe in contaminants that are irritating or, depending on your health history, even dangerous. Particularly if you have allergies or you have respiratory conditions, you should take steps to keep these common pollutants out of your air: 

  • Radon 
  • Bacteria 
  • Mold and mildew 
  • Viruses 
  • Allergens 
  • Lead particles 
  • Asbestos 
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 
  • Cigarette smoke 
  • Carbon monoxide 

Causes of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Some causes of poor indoor air quality are very straightforward. Your building may simply have been designed before modern ventilation systems were required, or before great new solutions like HRVs were invented. There simply may not be enough airflow through the structure, especially in key areas like bathrooms and kitchens. 

Your building may also have issues which are undermining your air quality. Lead pipes, asbestos insulation, indoor smoking, and humidity issues, which cause mould are just some problems that can lead to poor air quality regardless of how well your HVAC system cleans up your air. One other critical issue that can impact air quality which we can help with, is clogged or dirty air ducts. We can get those cleaned for you. 

Ready to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ)? Contact our expert today!

Is It Good to Let Fresh Air into Your Building?

Isn’t fresh air, well, fresh? Sure, in some ways adding fresh air to your commercial building can help improve your air quality, but in other ways, it can make it worse. Fresh air can reduce carbon dioxide and add in oxygen. It can, depending on the weather outside, help with any humidity problems you have. However, an open window can also bring in allergens, irritants, exhaust smoke from vehicles, radon from the ground, and other contaminants. 

There are ways to treat and purify your fresh air so that you get the benefits while minimizing the downsides. HEPA filters equipped with carbon filters, HRVs and UV light purifiers are especially great options to help make fresh air more friendly to your lungs. 

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality  

There are many indoor air quality products that you may benefit from: 

  1. Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) 
  2. HEPA air purifiers
  3. UV light purifiers
  4. Local ventilation system
  5. Dehumidifiers
  6. Humidifiers

We can help you improve indoor air quality in your commercial building. Reach out to the air quality experts at Appleby Systems today. 

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