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How to Manage Changing Spring Weather

Posted on April 15, 2019
by Appleby Systems

When to Turn Off the Heat in Spring

The warm weather is certainly welcome but it’s not always consistent. Fluctuations in spring weather can actually be very frustrating; you may need a hat and gloves one day and then get away with shorts and a t-shirt the next.

Inside your home, changing spring weather is a dilemma too. Is it safe to turn off your heat? Are you using too much energy if you turn your air conditioner on in late spring? Here are some key considerations for the season.

When to Turn Off the Heat in Spring

Some people try to turn off their furnace early, in April or May, as an attempt to save energy costs. That’s a smart idea, if you can live with the temperature. However, if you start to get uncomfortable, you’ll likely want to raise the temperature quickly again, perhaps higher than you would have if you’d slowly acclimatized yourself to cooler indoor temperatures.

As an alternative, start to lower your thermostat two or three degrees over a few weeks in April and May and get yourself adjusted to the fresh spring air.

To help save more money and reduce the stress on your heating system, you can also keep your blinds open during the day. The sun will naturally heat your home and on warm days if it gets too stuffy you can also open a window to let in a light breeze.

Keep in mind that in these early months, your home will lose a lot of heat overnight so you’ll need the furnace to run in the evenings. It probably won’t be comfortable to turn off your heat completely until late May or early June, when nighttime temperatures are almost at your desired indoor temperature.

Remember that an ideal cost-savings indoor temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. If your thermostat is consistently above that during the day, it’s safe to turn the heat off. Expect a bit of a dip at night but that will save you energy.


When to Turn On the Air Conditioner in Spring

If late spring has thrown a few hot days your way, you may wonder if it’s time to turn the air conditioner on, even if temporarily. Usually, switching between heating and cooling won’t cause your HVAC system trouble, so you can do it without worry. On the other hand, it will boost your utility bill.

If you’re tempted to turn on the air, close your south facing blinds and open your windows first. This will reduce the heat from the sun and allow air to circulate naturally. The fresh spring breeze can cool your home down quickly.

Schedule Furnace and Air Conditioner Maintenance with Appleby Systems

If it’s almost time to turn on your air conditioner, you’ll want to make sure it’s running properly. Schedule a maintenance visit with Appleby Systems to get ahead of the busy season and ensure that your air conditioner will cool your home all summer.

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