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How to Clean Your Electronic Air Cleaner and Get Rid of All Dirt and Dust

Posted on June 1, 2021
by Appleby Systems

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Allergy season is upon us, and she's back with a vengeance.

Spring never knocks politely. She usually hits us with a nasty cough, itchy eyes, and slight wheezing. Though we don't have much control over mother nature, we can utilize best practices when it comes to air filtration.

Air purity is crucial for a healthy respiratory system and our environment.

If you're wondering how to clean an electronic air cleaner it's time to buckle up, grab your gloves and get ready to purify your airspace.

How to Clean an Electronic Air Cleaner

Cleaning an electronic air cleaner is easier done than said. There are a few methods proven useful in removing contaminants from your filter.

When you approach your device, you'll want to be able to identify its compartments and accompanying pieces. There are typically three sections in an electronic air cleaner.

You’ll find a pre-filter, collector plates, and an ionization section. When air moves into the cleaner, big particles are trapped by the initial filter. Whatever particles continue to flow through receive a charge from the ionization section.

In the final stage of purification, the collector plates trap pollutants and contaminants by using static electricity. Your collector plates will need to be cleaned in order to remove any contaminants and improve the quality of air in your home or workplace.

If you're wondering how often to clean your electronic air filter, you can mark it down on your calendar every 90 days or so. You can use your bathtub or sink to soak your collector plates. Once you finish soaking, you can wash and rinse with clean hot water.

Cleaning electronic air filter cells mean you've reset your air cleaner back to its sterile state.

Looking for more information on electronic air cleaners? Our team at Appleby Systems would be happy to help. Give us a call today.

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The Finishing Touches

There's nothing like a quick task to highlight the efficiency and value of owning an electronic air cleaner. If it's important to you to have allergens and dust removed from your home, it's important to know how to sterilize your purifier.

Allow the compartments to dry out completely and put them back together.

You may find that your model is dishwasher safe. Not all models are, so take a peek at your instruction manual to identify what method best suits your electronic air cleaner.

If you decide to use the dishwasher method, you can set your air filter cells on top of four glasses. This will prevent any pointy plastics in the dishwasher rack from penetrating the filter itself.

While running the dishwasher with searing hot water is effective, using the dishwasher detergent is another option. Once the cycle is complete, remove your filter and set it out to dry overnight.

Deep Breaths

Our quality of life depends on a myriad of factors.

If we have control over some of those elements, then we have a better chance of achieving a higher quality of living.

Now that you're stacked with resources, you don't need to worry about how to clean an electronic air cleaner. Contact us today or head over to our website with that new confidence and find the right model for you!

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