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Gas Fireplace Buying Guide for 2024

Gas Fireplace Buying Guide
Posted on December 10, 2023
by Appleby Systems

Choosing the right gas fireplace for your home requires careful planning. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. 

Generally, gas is a better alternative than wood because less heat is wasted, and no smoke is produced. In addition, gas fireplaces are the safer option over wood-burning fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are a charming addition found in homes, offering warmth and appeal to any room of your home.  Some fireplaces do not require a chimney and are designed so they vent directly outdoors in a specific manner to increase energy efficiency. 

Benefits of A Gas Fireplace 

  • Increased home value 
  • Enhanced ambiance and increased comfort 
  • Fuel efficient heat source that can lower your energy bill 
  • Ease of operation 
  • Requires less maintenance 
  • Incredibly realistic 
  • Works during a power outage 

Whether you choose a direct vent fireplace or an insert fireplace, there are endless models to choose from such as Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces, Insert Gas Fireplaces, Free Standing Gas Stoves, Contemporary Models, Linear Models, Traditional, Open-Flame Gas Log Set, Two-Sided Fireplaces, Three-Sided Fireplaces, and Electric Fireplaces.  

Keep reading this gas fireplace guide to learn more about what you should consider before buying one.

Looking to learn about the best model for your space? Contact the team at Appleby Systems today!

Types of Gas Fireplaces 

Insert Gas Fireplaces 

Insert gas fireplaces are designed to fit into an existing fireplace. The idea is that you are updating your existing wood-burning unit with a more modern, energy-efficient alternative. A typical insert gas fireplace configuration is a box unit within a metal enclosure. The unit generates heat by warming up the air between the box and the enclosure. The whole enclosed unit sits inside the existing fireplace, assuming you can hook up gas and electricity to it. Most vented models will vent out of the chimney.  

A less expensive alternative is to use a log set – this is essentially a gas fireplace with no enclosure. The downside is that the chimney’s damper must be opened during use. 

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace 

Direct vent gas fireplaces do not need an existing fireplace or chimney. They are often built into a wall where there is gas and electricity and are housed in a glass enclosure. Or a gas line can be run to the unit/fireplace. Vented models will send exhaust directly to an exterior wall opening. Since this is a sealed combustion unit, therefore there is no heat loss. 

Similar to a gas fireplace, gas inserts are common for renovation projects to update an older wood-burning fireplace and designed to fit into an existing masonry or wood fireplace.  They are the most efficient way to fix cold chimney drafts, lower your home heating bill and update the look of a room. 

All Regency direct vent gas fireplaces are designed with safety in mind because they use direct venting technology. This means there are two vents – one that draws outside air inward for combustion and another that draws the fumes outward. This preserves air quality while minimizing heat loss. Regency also includes technology to keep the wall above the fireplace from getting too hot, so you can safely hang a television or artwork above the fireplace.  

Finding the Right Option for Your Home 

There are many gas fireplace benefits, including cleaner burning and reduced heat loss. As you research your options, always look for the heat output listing in BTUs and the efficiency percentage. This will tell you the amount of heat the unit will generate and the amount that is dispersed into the room after ventilation takes its cut. These specs are important if you want something that will keep your home warm.  

If you need help choosing the best model for your space, contact Appleby Systems or visit our showroom today. Our devoted home comfort experts will be happy to tell you more about the gas fireplace models we offer.  

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