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Exclusive to Oakville – Furnaces and AC from Carrier Canada

Posted on July 18, 2014
by Appleby Systems

Appleby is Oakville’s exclusive dealer of Carrier Canada furnaces and air conditioners. Carrier is a world leader because of innovations like these:

Carrier Furnaces are State-of-the-Art

FurnaceCarrier Canada designs and manufactures the most cutting-edge air conditioners and furnaces Oakville and the rest of the world have seen. And now Appleby Systems is the exclusive carrier of Carrier for Oakville. But just what makes these products so special? Innovations that no other manufacturer can match.

Greenspeed Intelligence

Carrier’s Infinity 20 heat pump includes Greenspeec intelligence technology that matches conditions both indoors and out to provide the most comfort and lowest operating cost possible. Heat pump efficiency is measured in HSPF units, and a higher number is better. Greenspeed technology achieves as much as 13.0 HSPF heating efficiency – 29% better than the nearest competitor and almost 70% greater than standard

Greenspeed has a heating capacity up to 86% greater than the competition, and a dehumidification capacity that outperforms any other unit on the market.Heat pumps also work in reverse, removing heat from the home in the summer. Carrier furnaces using this technology achieve heat removal efficiency of up to 20 SEER – better than most dedicated air conditioners.industry units.

Hybrid Heat

These Hybrid Heat dual fuel systems contribute to an energy-efficient home without compromising on comfort. A Hybrid Heat system makes fuel choices. The system reacts to changing conditions in and around the house and automatically selects the most efficient fuel source for heating the home at the moment.

air conditioner

To Infinity and Beyond!

Carrier engineers developed the Infinity System to meet a growing demand for energy super-efficient heating and cooling solutions. Infinity allows the user to control temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation and lets you know when the air filter needs replacing. It also automatically adjusts for peak efficiency and performance with continuous electronic self monitoring. An investment in Infinity will pay for itself in savings in just a few short years.

Efficient and Green Refrigerant

For more than 20 years, the Puron Refrigerant used in Carrier products has exhibited thermostatsuperiority over other clean air-certified refrigerants. As other manufacturers were still phasing out the environmentally toxic R-22 refrigerant, Carrier already had Puron flowing through a full line of air conditioners and heat pump systems. What makes Puron superior?

  • Better heat transfer properties (and therefore higher efficiency performance) than other refrigerants.
  • More systems will use this refrigerant in the future, making it increasingly difficult to contract service on non-Puron units.
  • Silence! Carrier’s systems using this refrigerant also offer Silence System technology, reducing noise pollution.


A proprietary technology developed by Carrier, IdealHumidity controls both temperature and humidity day or night, any season. Homeowners can monitor and adjust humidity in the home even when no cooling or heating is needed. When humidity ramps up in the summer, these systems can remove up to 30 times more moisture than a standard system. Removing humidity without running a cooling system in tandem can save up to 21% on cooling costs through a long summer.


Carrier’s ComfortHeat gas furnaces operate at a low heating capacity up to 90% of the time. Maintaining a more steady flow of tempered air than most other units allows ComfortHeat furnaces to exert less effort, consume less energy and operate more quietly. They are about twice as efficient as competing gas furnaces, Oakville, and when matched with a  Carrier Thermostat Control, can remove up to 30 times more moisture from your home than other cooling systems. This allows you to set the resting temperature higher and, again, reduce energy consumption.

We’re very excited to be the exclusive Carrier dealer in Oakville. If you’re ready to upgrade to the best furnace or AC unit available, contact us today to book a viewing.

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