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What Does Baeumler Approved Mean?

If a contractor is Baeumler Approved, they are accredited by celebrity contractor Bryan Baeumler’s closely regulated program. If you are familiar with the ‘Holmes Referred’ program, the idea of Baeumler Approved is very similar. The aim of this program is to connect homeowners with reputable, reliable, highly qualified and customer oriented contractors. Since this isn’t

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Reduced Home Energy Consumption | Higher Comfort And Lower Costs

Home energy consumption is not a fixed expenditure you’re doomed to put up with as long as you own the home.  When measured on an individual per-home basis, average residential energy consumption in Canada has actually significantly declined in recent years. This didn’t happen by accident. Increased consciousness about the costs—both financial and environmental—of unnecessary

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Download Our Free Do-It-Yourself HVAC Evaluation Guide

High energy bills can be frustrating, especially when your home isn’t even comfortable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint efficiency issues and reduce energy costs while improving home comfort? With an HVAC evaluation, you can do just that. Understanding HVAC Evaluations A professional HVAC evaluation examines all aspects of your heating, ventilation and

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When to Replace Water Heater

Contact Appleby Systems for Your Review Your water heater probably works harder than any other home appliance. If it breaks down anywhere between October and May, it’s almost as bad as your furnace taking a holiday on a cold winter night. In a perfect world, you’ll replace your water heater when it’s no longer in

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