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Updates to the Canada Greener Homes Grant: What You Need to Know 

Canada Greener Homes Grant
Posted on October 15, 2022
by Appleby Systems

On February 5th, 2024, the Government of Canada announced a significant shift in its approach to promoting energy-efficient living among Canadians. As the successful Canada Greener Homes Grant program concludes, a new phase of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative (CGHI) is set to begin, aimed at enhancing energy and housing affordability. 

The Canada Greener Homes Grant Has Ended 

The Canada Greener Homes Grant program has ended after successfully assisting over 165,000 Canadians in enhancing their homes' energy efficiency. This closure was driven by its success and the high demand for sustainable upgrades, especially heat pumps. 

A Closer Look at the February 5th Announcement 

The End of an Era 

The existing Canada Greener Homes Grant program will no longer accept new applications as the government prepares to transition to the next phase of the initiative. This change comes after years of helping Canadians make energy-saving upgrades to their homes. 

A New Dawn for CGHI 

The new phase of the CGHI promises to broaden its reach, focusing on making energy-saving upgrades more accessible, particularly to households with low to median incomes. This initiative is part of Canada's broader strategy to ensure sustainable and affordable living for all Canadians. 

Continuing Support for Canadians 

The government reassures that all existing applications for the Canada Greener Homes Grant will be processed as planned. Additionally, the suite of federal initiatives, including the Canada Greener Homes Loan and the Oil to Heat Pump Affordability (OHPA) program, will continue to support Canadians in their transition to more energy-efficient living solutions. 

The Canada Greener Homes Initiative has started the next phase of providing Canadian homeowners with a $40 000 interest-free loan for eligible retrofits and upgrades. Learn more about the loan on our specials page or by contacting a member of our team!

Take Action Today 

Interested in making your home more energy-efficient and saving on your energy bills? Contact Appleby Systems to find out how you can benefit from the new phase of the Canada Greener Homes Initiative and other available supports.

Let's work together towards a sustainable future. 

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