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Breaking Down the Costs of an HRV System: Installation, Operation, and Savings

Air Quality Index Monitor On Screen - Breaking Down the Costs of an HRV System: Installation, Operation, and Savings
Posted on December 5, 2023
by Appleby Systems

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) systems are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to improve indoor air quality while conserving energy. Understanding the costs involved in purchasing, installing, and running an HRV system is essential for homeowners considering this investment.  

Installation and Upfront Costs 

The initial cost of an HRV system varies based on several factors, including whether it’s a whole-home or single-room unit, brand, model, and the efficiency of the system. Generally, residential HRV units start from $3200, with ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) systems being slightly more expensive.  

Installation costs can also vary, especially if the HRV is integrated with an existing heating or cooling system. Installing an HRV during a new furnace setup can be more cost-effective than retrofitting in an older home. 

Operational Costs and Energy Consumption 

Running an HRV system incurs minimal costs. An Energy Star-certified HRV on a low setting (around 30 to 90 watts) costs approximately $2.75 to $10 per month in Ontario, depending on your local electricity rates.  

Regular maintenance, including filter changes, also factors into the operational costs, though these expenses are relatively low. 

Long-Term Savings and Efficiency 

Despite the upfront and operational costs, HRVs can lead to significant energy savings. By recovering heat from exhaust air, they reduce the need for additional heating, lowering your overall energy bills. The efficiency of the system, especially in colder climates, can offset the initial investment over time, making HRVs a smart choice for eco-conscious homeowners. 

Let’s Talk HRV Options Today 

Investing in an HRV system ensures quality air in your home while managing long-term energy costs. Our team offers expert installation and guidance on selecting the right HRV unit for your needs. Contact Appleby Systems today to learn more! 

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