Why Your Air Conditioner Should Get Inspected Today

Just last month the temperature dipped back as low as -20 in some parts of Ontario, and you were running your furnace and humidifier furiously.

We’re safely distant from the coldest days of the year now, but we’re hurdling toward the other extreme.

air conditioner maintenance

Those dramatically hot days require dramatically animated turning up of the air conditioner.

This summer is expected to have several intense heat waves punctuated with excessive humidity. Some hot days are always nice in the summer – great days to hit the beach or the pool and take in some vitamin D – but several consecutive sweltering days can drain our spirits. That kind of heat is a health risk for young kids and older adults.

To make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep your family comfortable and safe from that first stifling day to the last, it’s important to get your annual AC inspection today.

Why is maintenance required every single year?

You get your car tuned up every couple months. You exercise every other day. You wash the dishes after you use them.

It’s all the same.

Things wear out or get gummed up as you use them and require a little tune up to stay in that good-to-go condition.

You used the air conditioner a lot last year, and it sat out in the wet, freezing winter for a handful of months. Your air conditioner isn’t immune to wear and tear.

5 reasons it’s necessary every year:

  • Spring air conditioner maintenance

    Get your spring air conditioner maintenance booked!

    It will work better. Regular maintenance is sort of like a reset button for your air conditioner. It takes all the accumulated strain from the last year away, giving your AC a fresh start.

  • It will be more efficient. As air conditioners get older, they lose that youthful vitality – unless you treat them to regular maintenance. If you skipped maintenance last year, you probably padi about 10% more than you needed to on cooling.
  • It probably won’t break down this year. Emergency repairs are more expensive (and stressful) than regular annual maintenance. More than likely, you’ll avoid repairs altogether by scheduling your maintenance this spring.
  • It will stay with you longer. Maintenance extends the lifespan of your air conditioner. You can avoid the expense of buying a new air conditioner in 10-15 years by keeping up with maintenance.
  • It will provide cleaner air. The air inside your house is usually more damaging to your health than the air outside, owed largely to the fact that many homeowners don’t maintain a regular maintenance schedule and keep the windows and doors shut most of the time. If you are going to keep the windows closed (and on those oppressively hot day, you know you will) do yourself a favour and keep the air more breathable by getting the air conditioner tuned up.

What kind of maintenance does my air conditioner need?

The details of your maintenance visit depend on the brand of air conditioner you have, but generally:

  • We’ll check and, if necessary, top up the coolant fluid.
  • We’ll clear out any built up debris inside the AC envelope.
  • We’ll inspect and, if necessary, repair any connective lines.
  • We’ll inspect all moving parts.

If we find any signs of a major impending issue, we’ll explain what we found, how we will address it and any added expense this might incur (repair parts are an additional cost).

Give us a call to schedule your maintenance visit today. Spaces are filling up fast, and your maintenance should be completed before the first seriously hot day, which probably isn’t too far off.

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