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10 Reasons to Choose a Gas Fireplace

Posted on August 9, 2020
by Appleby Systems

Gorgeous Lounge With Fireplace Picture Id155378407If the vision of a crackling, cozy fire gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling but you don't want the hassle and mess of burning wood, consider a gas fireplace. Installing a gas fireplace is a smart choice for a number of reasons. Here's why you should choose a gas fireplace for your home!

1. Beauty and Practicality

Gas fireplaces aren't just reliable heat sources; they're good looking too. The attractive designs on the market today guarantee you'll find just the right look to match your home decor. You can opt for a glass front to enhance the view of authentic or simulated flames, and choose between realistic stones, quartz, rocks, coals or ceramic logs for the firebox.

2. Quick and Plentiful Heat

It takes time to get a wood fire going and producing heat, but a gas fireplace starts up at the flick of a switch and begins pumping out warmth immediately. To heat up the living space even faster on frigid winter mornings or at the end of the work day, you can choose a high-BTU output model equipped with a blower fan.

3. User-Friendly Controls

With a wood-burning fireplace, the only way to control heat output is to let it burn down or add more fuel. In contrast, gas fireplaces are operated by a thermostat or a remote control. If you choose a model with a programmable control, you can automate when the fireplace cycles on and off to maintain your desired comfort level.

4. Fewer Maintenance Chores

With a gas fireplace, there's no ash accumulation in the firebox, soot stains on the glass or creosote buildup in the chimney to contend with. The only maintenance necessary is an annual professional checkup to keep the equipment operating efficiently and safely.

5. Healthier Indoor Air

Wood smoke and soot contain minute toxic particles that erode indoor air quality. A gas fireplace is equipped with a direct vent for air intake and a flue that sends combustion byproducts straight outdoors, so it won't contribute to indoor pollution.

6. Added Resale Value

A gas fireplace can increase your home's resale value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. When you have a quality fireplace installed by an experienced professional, you can expect to recoup 75 percent or more of the cost.

7. Memory-Worthy Ambiance

Snuggling up in front of a gas fireplace can turn any cold winter evening into a romantic interlude. During the holiday season, it's the perfect spot to sip eggnog, hang the stockings and open presents with your loved ones.

8. Flexible Installation Options

Versatile gas fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere. You can have an insert placed in an existing masonry fireplace, install a fireplace on exterior wall or make it a free-standing focal point of a room.

9. No Wood Storage Headaches

If you're burning wood, it has to be stored somewhere. Keeping it under cover outdoors is best, but having to fetch more wood during bad weather is a major inconvenience. If you store it inside the house or garage, you're giving spiders, termites, ants and other pests a cozy place to breed.

10. Less Labor and Mess

Even if you buy seasoned, split firewood, you'll have the backbreaking chore of stacking it and then carting small quantities to the fireplace. A gas fireplace saves you that time and effort, and it also eliminates any mess from wood chips, loose bits of bark and other debris.

Ready to install a brand new home heating solution? Contact us today at Appleby Systems to learn more about the advantages of installing a gas fireplace. Our team will be happy to help!

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