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Electronic Air Cleaner Maintenance Improves the Air you Breathe

Electronic Air Cleaner Maintenance ServicesDo you suffer from allergies? Electronic Air Cleaner maintenance will improve the indoor air quality of your home and help you with your allergies.

The air quality of your home could be contributing to those irritating airborne allergens. Mold spores, pollens, and smaller particles like dust and bacteria naturally infiltrate our home, while other lifestyle self- generated sources such as tobacco, cooking, smoke, pet dander, toxins emitted from household cleaners or hobbies are sources that can pose a risk to our health.

Considering that you spend a lot of your time indoors, whole house air cleaners like the electronic or media offerings, dramatically improve your indoor air quality.

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Without Proper Maintenance, Your Air Cleaner Loses Effectiveness

For maximum efficiency, the air cleaner cells and the pre-filter should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.

The maintenance inspection is dependent on the amount of air passing through the filter as well as the amount of dust (pollen, smoke, etc.) in the air.  Cleaning of pre-filters and cells may be increased or decreased based on actual conditions.

If you have a media air cleaner, you should replace filter generally on a 6 month to one-year basis.

Is Your Electronic Air Cleaner Clicking? Are Your Allergies Acting Up?

If your air cleaner snaps or pops intermittently, do not be concerned. These are sounds caused by large particles entering the air cleaner.

Should the noise continue repeatedly, remove the cells and pre-filters and clean if dirty, according to the directions. If the arcing (snapping & popping) continues, call us to troubleshoot and source the problem. You may need an electronic air cleaner repair.

Our Electronic Air Cleaner Maintenance Program

If you are unable to regularly maintain your electronic air cleaner, we can provide you with this service- either while we’re maintaining your furnace and or your air conditioner or separately.

We clean filters with a strong solution used specifically for electronic air cleaners.  During normal maintenance, the air flow sensor tube also requires cleaning to remove any accumulated dirt and dust.

Ionizing wires may become coated causing loss of cleaning ability by the collecting cell and should be cleaned at least every 3 months.

Maintaining your electronic air cleaner protects and prolongs operating efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment, providing you with fresher and more comfortable, year-round indoor air quality. Give us a call today so we can schedule your maintenance appointment.

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