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Regular HVAC Maintenance Adds Years of Use to Your AC and Furnace

HVAC MaintenanceRegular HVAC maintenance is the single best way to extend the functional lifetime of your air conditioner or furnace. Just like a car, your furnace or air conditioner will last longer (and serve as a bettter investment!) if you take care of it. HVAC maintenance from one of our trained technicians is a smart investment.

You can cut your environmental footprint significantly by maintaining your furnace and by pressure testing the air conditioning system to ensure all levels are correct. You can help make the air we breathe outside a little nicer. And HVAC maintenance keeps the air quality inside your home significantly cleaner.

You Can Save on Service Calls With Maintenance Care

HVAC Plan subscribers enjoy 10% off all service repairs

Check out our inspection lists for the following:

Home Protection Plan (HPP)

The Appleby Systems Heating & Cooling Protection Plan provides you with one maintenance check on your equipment and covers all functioning parts of the mechanical/electronic components of the warranted product for a period of one year. Some conditions apply, contact us for details.

  1. Furnace Protection Plan – Coverage includes gas control valve, blower/components, condensate pump, door switch, electric ignition system, purge blowers, low voltage circuit fuse, fan and limit controls, heating circuit transformer, auto vent damper/motor, power burner motor, thermocouple, flame spreader, flow switch, fan motor, relay, roll out switch, and pilot burner.Exclusions: Does not cover after hour service charges, heat exchanger, filters, thermostats, routine or preventive maintenance.
  2. Central Air Conditioner Protection Plan: Coverage includes capacitator, control box assembly, control box, contactor, filter drier, fan motor, wire harness and valves.Exclusions: Does not cover after hour service charges, compressor, refrigerant and/or refrigerant leaks, thermostat, routine or preventive maintenance.

  • Seniors receive a 10% discount
  • Plan members are entitled to priority service

HVAC Maintenance Plan Without The Insurance

You have made a large investment in your HVAC equipment, therefore never overlook the importance of maintenance to protect your warranty and to improve air quality, efficiency, homeowner’s safety and extend the lifetime of your equipment. This Maintenance HVAC Plan gives you 10% discount on any service repairs, if your equipment has run out of warranty.

  1. Furnace Maintenance: Our inspection will include checking and inspecting the following: thermostat operation along with electrical components and safety controls, furnace fan motor and blower assembly, fan belt and bearings, pilot, burner flame and burner assembly if necessary, heat exchanger for cracks, venting and filters. Filters, parts and repairs are extra.
  2. Central Air Conditioner Maintenance: Our inspection will include checking and inspecting the following: thermostat operation and all related controls, furnace fan motor, blower assembly, fan belt, electrical components and relays on outdoor unit, cleaning outdoor condensing coil and lubricating outdoor fan motor if required, checking amperage draws of compressor and fan motor, inspect filters, check refrigerant charge and overall operation to determine working condition. Filters, parts and repairs are extra.

When you keep up with regular HVAC maintenance, you ensure that you’re elegible for all warranty services you could ever need. If your furnace or air conditioner troubles are related to poor or non-existent maintenance habits, the manufacturer won’t honour your warranty agreement.

Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money on Heating and Cooling Maintenance Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money onHeating and Cooling Maintenance Find Out More

Maintenance Reduces Problems

When you maintain your units properly, you do everything you can to avoid unexpected break downs, inefficient operation and other similar problems. If a problem is brewing, we’ll catch it. If any moving parts are damaged, we’ll replace them before the damage spreads to other parts of the HVAC system.

Avoid the Extra Expense of Replacing HVAC Equipment

Your heating and cooling systems are some of the most expensive appliances in your home. Protect your investment and keep your furnace and air conditioner in great working order as long as possible with a regular HVAC maintenance program from Appleby Systems.

Contact us today so we can help you set up an HVAC maintenance plan to suit your unique needs.

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