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Why is my furnace making loud noises?

Posted on February 17, 2015
by Appleby Systems

 Why Does My Furnace Make a Loud Noise When It Starts Up?

Why is my furnace making a loud noise?Are loud noises echoing from your furnace keeping you up at night? Don’t wait until the problem becomes catastrophic. Ignoring furnace noises could lead to damaged parts or, more costly, the need for a new furnace. If we catch the problem in time, a little repair work and a regular schedule of seasonal maintenance will help make it a one-time incident. If your car was making a strange noise on the road you wouldn’t hesitate to bring it to your mechanic. Why let abnormal furnace noises go unchecked?

What’s Causing These Noises?

If banging noises happen when your furnace turns on, it may be caused by dirty burners. This delays ignition; gas builds up before the burners ignite. You’re hearing the excess gas exploding inside your furnace. Sound dangerous? It is! Ignoring this problem could result in a cracked heat exchanger or worse. Once the heat exchanger goes, the fix can be very expensive, usually resulting in replacing the furnace.
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Banging noises can also be heard throughout other parts of your heating and cooling sy

stem. The sounds may be caused by expanding and contracting air ducts. Different parts of the air ducts pop in or out as air passes in either direction. This isn’t exactly an explosive problem, but it still needs attention. Your air filter may be so clogged that air can’t properly circulate through your home or the ducts installed by your homebuilder may be undersized for the system (it occasionally happens with home builders trying to save money behind the scenes). Sometimes, closed vents cause expansion and contraction. Whatever it is, your system is not operating efficiently, and that costs you money.


Don’t Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

So many homeowners want to take control of repairs inside the home. Trust us, your furnace is not the place to tinker. Furnaces are complicated machines buzzing with electricity and chemical fumes. You’re more to make the problem worse and hurt yourself in the process. With highly qualified, expert technicians to provide the best products and service possible for home heating and cooling needs, turn to Appleby Systems for your furnace evaluation and repairs.

Banging noises can precede a disaster. So if you hear loud noises coming from your furnace, contact us immediately for 24/7 emergency service.

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