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Why Humidify Your Home? Avoid Painful Skin and Winter Woes

Posted on February 3, 2015
by Appleby Systems

why humidify your homeThe Ontario winters are dry, with humidity levels dropping to almost 0 outside your home. Once you turn on your heating system for the winter, the inside of the house can be likened to a food dehydrator. Ideal humidity levels are around 40%, though anywhere from 35% to 50% is acceptable. With the furnace running day in and day out through the entire winter, humidity levels in your home can drop far below that comfortable level.

You probably don’t have a humidity meter at home, so here are some easy signs to tell if the humidity level has dropped below 35% in your house:

  • Consistently dry, itchy, red skin
  • Scratchy throat, especially at night
  • An excess of static electricity (which the kids might love, but you probably don’t)
  • Pictures or wallpaper wilting at the edges

If you’re convinced low humidity is a problem in your home, Appleby Systems has the solution. A flow-through humidifier attached to your furnace is often the best solution. On larger homes, s steam humidifier may be necessary to maintain proper humidity levels, attached directly to your water supply.

Breathe Easy!

Why humidify your home?Proper home humidity levels are good for the structure of your home. Abnormally dry air can cause wood floors to buckle and separate, wallpaper to peel and houseplants to dry out every day. Static electricity can even damage your computer and other home electronics. It can also start epic shock battles between the kids.

Dry air can also aggravate respiratory problems. While there are no guarantees, you may find that you have fewer coughs and colds with a home humidifier. At the least, you won’t suffer from dried out nasal passages and a constantly scratchy throat.

Added Bonus – They Increase Furnace Efficiency

Comfort at home isn’t just based on temperature. Humidity plays a large part in creating comfortable surroundings. At optimum humidity, it takes less heat for us to feel warm. With a flow-through humidifier installed by technicians from Appleby Systems, you’ll enjoy greater comfort in the place you spend the most time.

Your comfort is our priority. Contact Appleby Systems today and let us help you choose the right humidifier for your home and your family.


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