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Is a Gas Fireplace a Worthwhile Investment for Your Family?

Posted on October 2, 2018
by Appleby Systems

Lots of homeowners upgrade old, wood burning fireplaces to gas burners.

Saying goodbye to the ambiance of a wood burning fireplace can be hard, but the benefits of a gas fireplace insert are impossible to ignore

Installing a gas fireplace insert in your existing wood burning fireplace’s firebox is quick and easy, and lets your family maintain the dignified look your stone fireplace surrounds and hearth provide.

And putting a gas fireplace in a previously unoccupied space takes just a little longer. But the install still causes minimal disruption to your daily life.

Is a gas fireplace a smart home upgrade?

Want to install a new fireplace in your home? Thinking about switching from a wood fireplace to a gas burning unit?

Here are 7 reasons your new gas fireplace is a smart move.

1. Consistent heat

Logs burn out and need replacing. The quality of your wood fire shifts from moment to moment. A gas fireplace provides consistent heat so you can count on it as part of your home heating system.

You can turn the thermostat down and keep your favourite room warm with your gas fireplace.

2. It’s clean and safe

Your old wood fireplace requires constant cleaning to keep soot and creosote from building up.

Gas fireplaces don’t leave behind any contaminants and require no cleaning between uses. Annual maintenance is all you need to make sure your gas fireplace is in perfect condition.

3. Gas is a more affordable fuel

A wood fireplace requires a large stockpile of wood to burn. You have to buy, split, store and move that wood. The average family spends between $200 and $300 on fuel for a wood burning appliance every year.

A gas fireplace costs less than $100 in fuel for the entire year.

4. A safe family option

Gas fireplaces don’t pop and send sparks out of the firebox.

Gas fireplaces usually feature remote operation so they can be turned off instantly in case of an emergency.

A sealed gas fireplace causes no threat of burning for curious kids, where a wood burning fireplace is a regular worry for parents with exploring toddlers and kids.

5. Easy installation anywhere

A gas fireplace is almost as easy to install in a home with no chimney as a home with one.

We simply drill two holes from the fireplace to the outside wall for fumes to vent, so the room your gas fireplace sits in is completely sealed off from fumes (and the look you enjoy in your room isn’t affected by a large chimney pipe).

6. Easy, precise control

Your gas fireplace gives you the option to raise or lower the flame with the touch of a button.

You can set the temperature in your favourite room exactly how you like it.

If you ever got the temperature exactly right with a wood burning fireplace, you might be the first. Most of us can’t adjust the wood to get the temperature just right.

7. Far less work

You eliminate all the hassle of working with bulky wood fuel.

You eliminate the cleanup and maintenance.

You don’t even need to buy a fire poker or other fireplace tool.

You just find a place for your remote and enjoy the easiest fireplace your family can get.

Is today the day you upgrade?

Stop by our specials page and see if any gas fireplace deals are available.

When you upgrade, you get instant heat, pinpoint control, terrific safety and other things a wood burning fireplace simply can’t deliver.

Talk to us today and find the perfect gas fireplace model for the size of your home.

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