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High energy bills can be frustrating, especially when your home isn’t even comfortable. Wouldn’t it be great if you could pinpoint efficiency issues and reduce energy costs while improving home comfort? With an HVAC evaluation, you can do just that. Understanding HVAC Evaluations A professional HVAC evaluation examines all aspects of your heating, ventilation and

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When to Replace Water Heater

Contact Appleby Systems for Your Review Your water heater probably works harder than any other home appliance. If it breaks down anywhere between October and May, it’s almost as bad as your furnace taking a holiday on a cold winter night. In a perfect world, you’ll replace your water heater when it’s no longer in

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How to Spot a Scam Artist!

Beware of Scammers In the last week we’ve received calls from three separate longstanding clients of ours concerning HVAC scam artists. Each of these customers was visited by an unknown service technician claiming to be from “Natural Gas” on a scheduled furnace maintenance call. Fortunately, these customers were aware of the regular maintenance schedule and

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When Is the Best Time to Have Furnace Maintenance Done?

Except for thermostat adjustments, most homeowners take their furnaces for granted during the winter months. Then, when warmer weather returns, the furnace slips completely off the radar, so furnace inspection and maintenance trips are never scheduled. Neglecting this important maintenance, however, leads to inconvenience and unnecessary expense if the furnace misbehaves during the next cold

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Furnace Red-Tagged? Now What?

During normal furnace maintenance or a utility company inspection, a technician may discover a problem with your furnace serious enough to require disconnecting it. In legal terms, it means the furnace is not in compliance with the Ontario B149 Gas Code. The technician may “red tag” the furnace, turn it off and notify the gas

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5 Reasons to Tune Up Your Furnace When You Set Your Clock Forward

An oil or natural gas forced air furnace is a critical component in a reliable home comfort system. Residential and light commercial furnaces are engineered to perform dependably through countless winter seasons, but they must be properly maintained to continue operating at peak efficiency. Qualified HVAC contractors provide comprehensive springtime tuneup services that incorporate a

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How Long Should a Furnace Last?

The furnace heating process is a model of simplicity and efficiency. When the thermostat threshold setting is triggered, a relay closes and activates an inducer fan. The volume of air flow increases until it is suitable for combustion. A valve automatically opens, and a measured amount of gas or heating oil is ignited by the

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Does My Gas Fireplace Need Maintenance?

Gas fireplaces are attractive, efficient and provide incredible warmth. They are also easy to maintain. This does not mean, however, that they require no care. To keep them running safely and reliably, owners should ensure that these fireplaces are professionally serviced and inspected at least once a year and cleaned at least once a month

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