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Striving for Efficiency

Many people are reassessing their energy consumption and targeting sources of inefficiency like never before.  Luckily energy efficiency is closer and cheaper than you think. Where to look first The 1st place to look should be your heating and cooling setup.  Your energy bills will spell out clearly the amount of money you’re spending regularly,

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Tax Credits and Home Renovation Savings | Save up to $5,000 on Home Renovations

Tax Credits and Home Renovation Savings As of August 2016 homeowners can amass as much as $5,000 in home renovation rebates through the revitalized Home Renovation Rebate program. If you plan to upgrade your furnace in the next few years, rebates from the Government combined with manufacturer incentives make this the ideal time to make

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Reduced Home Energy Consumption | Higher Comfort And Lower Costs

Home energy consumption is not a fixed expenditure you’re doomed to put up with as long as you own the home.  When measured on an individual per-home basis, average residential energy consumption in Canada has actually significantly declined in recent years. This didn’t happen by accident. Increased consciousness about the costs—both financial and environmental—of unnecessary

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Do You Want a Gas or Wood Burning Fireplace?

If you are considering installing a fireplace or upgrading an existing one, you’ll soon find out how many trade-offs between wood and gas as fuels exist. Start your decision process by first outlining your priorities and then narrowing down your choice to a particular unit from there. Ambiance and Authenticity Most homeowners, especially in urban

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What Is Energy Star?

Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992 as a voluntary program, Energy Star now sets international efficiency standards for consumer products in a variety of categories. This extremely successful program has been adopted by the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand as well as the United States. Its goal

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How to do an Air Conditioner Performance Test

Modern central air conditioners are complex machines that include numerous high-tech components. Total performance is affected by a variety of factors such as equipment sizing, installation quality and the integrity of the air distribution system. What You Can Check Yourself Evaluating total performance requires extensive training and advanced diagnostic tools. While homeowners are encouraged to

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