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How long should your air conditioner last?

Summer weather conditions can leave you feeling hot, sticky, and clammy.  Extreme heat can leave you in need of a refreshing gust of air-conditioned comfort. To avoid the frustrations of going without AC during these warmer months, it is helpful to consider other factors, apart from the manufacturer’s warranty, that are involved in your unit’s

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How to do an Air Conditioner Performance Test

Modern central air conditioners are complex machines that include numerous high-tech components. Total performance is affected by a variety of factors such as equipment sizing, installation quality and the integrity of the air distribution system. What You Can Check Yourself Evaluating total performance requires extensive training and advanced diagnostic tools. While homeowners are encouraged to

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What is the Best Air Conditioning Setting When Leaving Home?

Indoor comfort is largely a matter of individual preference, so there is no specific thermostat setting that can be considered the “best.” The cost associated with lowering or raising the indoor temperature is dependent on a number of factors including local weather conditions, the SEER rating of the unit, and the quality of the building’s

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Media Filters VS Electronic Air cleaners

With growing health concerns about indoor air quality, many homeowners are investigating electronic air cleaners or media filters to safeguard their families’ health. Indoor pollutants, including viruses, dust, bacteria, mold spores, pet dander, cockroach allergens, pollen and others, pose a variety of health dangers, so it is an intelligent choice to investigate a system to

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