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Air conditioner maintenance: what can I do?

Posted on July 7, 2014
by Appleby Systems

Air conditioner maintenanceAs a general rule, an AC unit should be serviced at least once a year—usually in spring—in order for it to perform at its best. If you want to get a head start on things, or if you have been having some issues with your system, or maybe you just want the reassurance that your unit will be serviced before the heavy summer heat hits, it may be wise to call a professional AC technician early to get an appointment booked. After all, it’s going to soon be peak-cooling season for all your neighbours, as well.

There are, however, a few tasks you can carry out prior to contacting a professional. Depending on the model, type of unit and manufacturer’s label, you may need to perform some of the maintenance requirements listed below.

Do it yourself!

Before beginning, consult an AC technician or your manufacturer’s label to establish any necessary pre-cautions or protective gear needed while carrying out maintenance on your cooling system.

  • Clear grass clippings and leaves away from the outdoor unit
    • Dirt and debris can infiltrate the system. These particles can obstruct the clear airflow path needed by your unit to perform effectively. You can also clean your condenser with a commercial coil cleaner.
  • Keep vents and ductwork clear of any obstruction to the system’s ability to deliver air
    • Move furniture, drapes or anything that may be impeding the cooling system’s ventilation process.
    • Make sure the ventilation grills that supply-air and return-air are open.
  • Check the thermostatCheck the thermostat
    • Ensure the correct program setting is chosen.
    • Replace batteries in thermostat, if needed.
    • Test the accuracy of your thermostat with another temperature gauge. If difference between the two occur you may need to recalibrate or to reset your thermostat.
  • Check circuit breakers
    • Make sure the breakers are set to ON and that fuses have not blown
  • Clean air filters, fans, and coils
    • Air filters, fans and coils have a great impact on the quality and efficiency of proper airflow throughout the system, affecting your comfort. If left unmaintained, damage to the compressor can occur. This costly repair is avoidable when you clean the air filters, fans and coils once every season.
  • Oil the fan motor
    • Depends on your type and model of cooling system. Consult your manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Clean condensate drain holes or tubes that may be blocked with debris
  • Press unit’s reset button, if available on model
    • This could possibly resolve some minor mechanical issues involved in the system’s inefficient performance.

    Need help? When to call a professional

    If after exhausting all efforts of resolving issues you still cannot locate the cause of concern, call a professional. Our Certified AC technicians have the experience necessary to determine your unit’s refrigerant level, perform adjustments to electrical or mechanical system malfunctions, as well as diagnose any other potential faulty areas affecting your unit’s performance.

    Call us to request a quote or to get a technician there quickly to perform emergency service.


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