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Furnace Emergency Service

Also servicing air conditioners, air cleaners, and humidifiers

For emergency service, please call (905) 825-1893(905) 825-1893

Furnace Emergency Service by an HVAC technician When it’s the coldest day of the year and your furnace gives out, the last thing you want to deal with is lackluster emergency furnace repair service.  You’re cold and you’re panicked.

With our emergency furnace service, you can be assured of high-quality, and expert service. When you’re cold and stressed, we can get you back to warm and relaxed quickly. If you hear a clicking noise or a stream of water is creeping out from under your furnace, don’t wait for a catastrophy! Call us today for a quick and easy furnace repair in:

Likewise, if your air conditioner is chugging away outside the window but the air pumping into your house is humid and moist, request a visit from one of our air conditioner technicians for some routine maintenance or any repair work your equipment needs.

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Turn a Stressful Experience into a Pleasant One

The most pleasant experience an emergency heating repair can be, that is.

Appleby Systems provides:

  • Thorough clean-up so you don’t have to tidy up a big mess
  • Trustworthy, experienced technicians who will arrive on time and make proper repairs the first time
  • 24 hour phone availability
  • An easy process for making an appointment
  • Honest service; we want to provide you with the most effective solution, not the most expensive. Our business is built on repeat customers. We’d rather have all of your referrals than all of your money.

Emergency Services for a Wide Array of HVAC Issues

Residents in Oakville, Burlington and across Halton region can be assured of high-quality and reliable emergency furnace repair, but we also provide emergency services for your air conditioning, air cleaners and humidifiers.

When it’s the coldest day of the year or the hottest day of the year & your system kicks out, we will be your lifeline to comfort.

When the unexpected strikes, don’t get stressed. Call us for reliable and friendly emergency service.

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