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Homes in each of these neighbourhoods all suffer from some sort of HVAC appliance challenge.

  • Your new home in Vienna Orchards was likely built with a builder-grade furnace and air conditioner. The name sounds good, but it’s actually a low-level unit designed to help home builders save money.
  • Your character home in Kirkendall may have the same poor ductwork many homes in the area do, requiring a more powerful furnace than you realize.
  • The 100+ year old home in Durand your family has grown up in probably needed a furnace upgrade 5 or 8 years ago. Stately homes in this type of neighbourhood tend to neglect HVAC upgrades because of the perceived disruption an upgrade will cause.

A good furnace or air conditioner will last up to 20 years, and a proud professional installer will get the job done with no disruption to your daily routine.

Why service matters most in Hamilton

Homeowners in Hamilton must keep up with regular service for the air conditioner and furnace because poor air quality can degrade the effectiveness of your system quickly.

Homes north of Main Street burn through air filters faster than in any other part of the city.

Families living within about half a kilometer of the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway or Red Hill Valley Parkway also strain the furnace and air conditioner more than average because of the high vehicle pollution and particulate in the air kicked up by traffic.

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Get a home upgrade you can really enjoy

Whether your family is just starting out in your first home or the longtime family house needs an energy efficiency boost, we can find the perfect solution based on your style of home and neighbourhood in Hamilton.

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