Easy and Affordable Water Heater Repair

water heater repairMost homeowners tend to ignore their water heater, assuming it doesn’t need maintenance or, in some cases, serious repairs.

But if your hot water:

  • Doesn’t even last a full shower
  • Comes out in spurts, rather than with constant pressure
  • Is never actually hot

It means your water heater is not working as intended.

Call us today and book your water heater repair to get back to hot showers for everybody in the morning, not just the first person to the bathroom.

You might need a new hot water heater

Water heater parts can be expensive to repair.

In the case of a major repair, it’s often more financially responsible to invest in a new, high efficiency water tank which, with regular maintenance, will never cause any of the grief your old tank has.

Ask us about tankless water heaters and how they can help you save even more each month.

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Repairing your existing water heater?

If it makes financial sense to repair instead of replace, keep your water heater in good condition for the foreseeable future by subscribing to a maintenance plan. We’ll visit in regular intervals to:

  • Drain and clean the water heater tank
  • Flush sediment from the tank
  • Inspect the anode rod
  • Inspect the pressure valve
  • Check the alignment of the thermostat

Regular service is the best way to avoid costly water heater repairs after your manufacturer warranty expires. Annual maintenance saves costly service calls

What will you do with your extra cash?

Call us today to learn more about water heater repair or to book your service visit.

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