Energy Star Grants and Government Incentives

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Moving up to a more energy efficient cooling or heating system can not only save you money each month when you pay your energy bill. It can also net you a nice little bonus in the form of a government grant or rebate.

Energy Star Grants and Government Incentives Because it benefits all of us when people save energy, these incentives can encourage people to upgrade their systems. At Appleby Systems, we like to see the many benefits our customers get from upgrading, from monthly energy savings to the cash bonus that these grants offer.

You Spend a Lot to Heat and Cool Your House

If you need to be convinced of the savings, read on:

According to the Ontario Power Authority, 60% of each household’s annual electricity costs go toward heating and cooling the home. More efficient units mean you save money on your monthly costs (not to mention the increased reliability and warranty protection that you’ll get).

It makes good sense to purchase new units and then tap into the variety furnace and air conditioner grants or rebates that may be available.

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Take Advantage of Government Incentives

Once you choose an Energy Star heating or cooling unit from our collection (including those from the excellent Carrier and Coleman lines), you will be eligible for certain grants or rebates currently offered. There are grants for furnace replacement in Ontario through the Ontario Power Authority and all grants are relatively easy to apply for.

Contact us today to talk about our line of Energy Star furnaces and air conditioners and let us help you find the right one for your household. We can also supply you with information about any furnace grants or furnace rebates currently available.

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